What’s in here?

Good question.

Here you will find several resources to help you unlearn and relearn effectively.

Whether you want to…

  • Take on a new hobby.

  • Have another go at an activity you’ve tried before but couldn’t do.

  • Learn how to do what you couldn’t before.

  • Or develop a leverageable skill to launch a new product, side-hustle, career, etc.

  • Be one step closer to making money on your own from your skills and interests.

Okay, what’s in it specifically?

You’ll find content and curated resources that I don’t share anywhere else.


  • Breakdowns & deep dives. On important concepts that’ll give you the most bang for your learning buck.

  • Summaries & highlights. From some of the best books, articles, and videos about the topics.

  • Different experiments. Both previous and new ones. One thing is telling you what you can do. Another is showing it to you. Don’t waste time with trial & error, I’ve done that a lot in the past. Instead, you can see the results and decide if it’s worth your time or not. There’s something for everyone.

  • Current tools & apps. To help you improve your learning process, speed up your workflow, and get more done with less.

And I should mention here the most important part.

This won’t be dry academic text that’ll remind you of boring college lectures.

Or trigger any PTSD from traditional education.

Here, you’ll learn how to learn without even realizing it (most of the time).

That’s right. My challenge is to use all sorts of tools and literary devices to keep you entertained, motivated, and on track with whatever skill you choose to take.

And if you want an actual example of how that would look like…

I invite you to check my email course about defeating distractions and improving your focus.

After all, learning effectively can’t happen if you’re constantly distracted with stuff around or inside you.

Join the club

Be part of a group of folks who are constantly improving, overcoming new challenges, and are flexible enough to not fear career changes.

When you join, I’ll give you a proper welcome, an intro about me, and show you around the place. 😉

Hope to see you there.

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Hey! I’m Juan. A lifelong student who eventually turned his learning "handicap" into a superpower. Now, I'm sharing everything I know to help others develop their own "powers" and stay relevant in this fast-paced world.